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Author Information


  1. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed according to the style guidelines firstly. Incomplete manuscripts will be sent to the authors for style revision. Papers will only reviewed in substance if they meet formal requirements.
  2. Manuscripts approved in form will be assigned to scientific researchers who have knowledge of the manuscripts’ field-of-study. English chapters will be reviewed by a reviser after content check. Comments will be returned to the authors with additional suggestions for grammatical, correctness and formal mistakes.
    Two independent revisers will review the manuscripts trough 9 categories of the “Revision Guideline”: (1) Novelty and originality; (2) Scientific importance; (3) Title; (4) Abstract; (5) Construction; (6) Length; (7) Tables; (8) Figures; (9) Comments, suggestions (according to the evaluation of manuscripts).
    In The Hungarian Journal of Nutrition Marketing, submitted manuscripts will be revised under double blind peer review system: revisers of manuscripts write anonymous comments without getting any information about the authors.
  3. After being corrected based on revisers’ comments, manuscripts needed small changes will be reviewed by the editors and will be sent to the authors with a final assessment.